KYC Verification & Face recognition

In particular regions, the KYC law mandates that financial institutes must check the original ID documents of customers.

This is being done to ensure that someone’s documents are not being falsely used to claim financial services

Customers do not have to now visit bank branches with documents for verification, as our unique app streamlines the process, along with the banks agent visiting the customers instead.

Also during onboarding, our EzMatch face recognition engine provides the ability to match two images and identify if both the images are of same individual. This engine will be used to match the photograph in the ID with a photo taken from the mobile device cameras, thereby providing a smoother customer experience.


Key Features

Fully automated facial recognition system

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Agent Management dashboard





Streamlined information flow

Loans which have been approved are seamlessly moves to the queue of the agency with necessary details. The Agency can assign this activity to the agent.

Managing the

By providing an easy interface with preloaded information and ability to reschedule the meeting with the customer.

Quick data capture and checklist

Allows the agent to have a checklist of the documents to be collected against every customers and comments if any.

Biometric Validation

Allows the agent to validate the emirates id using a biometric device (provided by the financial institution).


Key Business Benefits

Improved Customer Experience

Instant verification of ID

Instant scheduling & Rescheduling

Quick KYC verification for Customers

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