Digital Onboarding 

Our platform allows banks and wealth management firms to deliver a consistent onboarding experience across their product offerings and channels, while providing deep analytics that enable proactive and personalized client advice. Monami Tech allows financial institutions to effectively and efficiently connect with their clients by uniting front-line advisors, back-office teams, and operations in one powerful platform.

The platform can be implemented between two to four weeks and is the first of its kind to help top performing firms and banks gather, use, and re-use client data to improve and evolve rich customer experiences.


Key Features

Digital Signature

ID Verification

Document Collaboration Platform

Work Queue

Data Reporting and Warehouse



Digital Client and Advisor Experience

Monami Tech encourages collaborative and interactive client-advisor engagement, with a fully digital client-onboarding experience. Clients and advisors are able to access agreements, sign documents, and interact digitally anytime, anywhere, on any device.

This allows advisors to boost their productivity while providing an enhanced client experience. With our solution, advisors are able to offer pro-active and personalized advice, identifying client needs and new revenue opportunities in less time.

Improved Compliance

We enable wealth firms to automate as much of their compliance process as necessary through data integrations and automatic review. Compliance teams gain the ultimate view into each action and exchange in the client onboarding process through Timeline – a live capture of all activity. Timeline collects meta-data captured during all stages of the onboarding and back-office process, providing a full audit trail for Compliance Officers.

Higher Quality of Coaching

Monami Tech enables wealth firms to automate their decision making by automatically assessing KYC data entered. Advisors are able to proactively coach clients and recommend the ideal portfolio mix based on live data collection, saving thousands of man-hours in the back-office.

With the our Decisioning Engine, advisors gain a “robo-like” edge without losing their personal touch. The outcome is higher quality advising in less time, improved client experience and more effective financial coaching.


Key Business Benefits

Improved back-office team productivity (more applications processed in less time)

Significantly faster internal and external audit process

Improved compliance

Increased client retention and wallet share

Faster response time to implementation of new regulatory requirements