Top Technology Trends to look for in 2018

As the weeks dwindle in the final stretch of 2017, we look towards the new year for goal setting and reaching new horizons. It’s a time for reflection, visualization, and geared ambition to enter 2018 with a winning mindset. 

One thing we have undoubtedly learned from 2017 is that technologies have proven to disrupt services. From the spike in bitcoin prices to the growing impact of artificial intelligence we have seen how eager society is for alternative financial services.

So what are the top technology trends to look out for in 2018? We have narrowed it down to three that resonate with top industry researchers, leaders and fortune tellers.


Although the mysteriousness that surrounds bitcoin might cause some companies to be wary of using it, the fact remains that the digital currency is officially out in the market. Even being listed on the stock exchange. 

With all the highs that bitcoin has seen in 2017, our prediction is that it will give way for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin to gain power. There are speculations that the market cap of Ethereum will surpass that of Bitcoin by next year.

CB Insight predicts that digital currencies will be the dominant currencies by 2020.

Companies and governments have been focused on understanding how to piece this into their systems to not be left out. Even more investments have been made to develop solutions of their own. In the new year, we will start seeing more experimentation and real usage of cryptocurrencies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have seen how this technology has pushed the limits of science and technology by machine learning, robotics, and chatbots.

In 2018, AI and machine learning will still be the top of the news. There is an estimation that about 85% of customer interaction will be managed by AI in 2020.

As experimentations continue, we will start seeing processes being automated leading to diminished errors and costs. In 2018 it will add value in the form of analytics and big data to enhance decision making and improve the speed of services.

AI will not be just a “nice-to-have” in 2018 but a “must-have”. 

Digitized Experiences – This time from the back end

Although the focus of digital transformation has been on the front-end, our prediction is that 2018 will use technologies to power the back-end processes and systems to offer a fully seamless experience for the customer.

To deliver a transformed business model, institutions must integrate across touch-points and channels to deliver real-time customer engagement. 


These are a few of our predictions on where financial technology is headed. Due to the rise in demand for digital services we will continue to see customers steer away from branches and transact freely on their devices. Traditional banks are taking note of these predictions and working quickly towards a phased approach to optimizing the entire customer journey from onboarding to daily services. 

With 2017 almost behind us, it's time to focus on 2018 and how we will take part of these major trends that will change the financial landscape of tomorrow. 

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