LENDME nominated for Seamless Awards 2018 (3).png


Our Instant Loan Origination app, Lendme has been nominated for the "FINTECH INNOVATION OF THE YEAR" in the Seamless Awards 2018, an annual recognition for leading tech companies in Finance, Retail, and E-commerce.

The Seamless Awards are in conjunction with Seamless Middle East - the region's leading conference and exhibition. Over 350 exhibitors come together to bring the most exciting event in the market underpinned by idea forums, product launches and genuine business connections that inspire businesses.

Lendme is a digital solution that provides the facility for seamless loan origination. This addresses the challenges the financial sector has been facing for far too long, by decreasing the internal/external costs and increasing speed, thereby enabling customers to obtain a hassle-free loan, merchants to increase their sales and most importantly Financial Institutions to open new revenue streams.